Saturday, 12 February 2011


Kitchen...Is what I'm thinking about. Because I'm not too sure what to write about today...I'm mostly thinking about all the cooking and baking I need to get done tomorrow...

My flatmate Kate and I are having our friend Emma over tomorrow to discuss our upcoming trip to Morocco in April, so I offered to make dinner. The plan is 3 bean vegetarian chili and cornbread, honey butter, and salad.

I'm also planning to make some treats to take to work on Monday for Valentine's Day...I really WANT to make these:

But don't have the freezer space or time to undertake the whole process (sad day) so I think I'll do some sugar cookies, maybe half chocolate, half regular with red food colouring thrown in, cut with a heart cookie cutter? Gotta live up to my work colleague's expectations of my baked goods! haha

BTW, in case you can't tell, I love Smitten Kitchen! This blog is amazing, and I'm a bit addicted to it...The author Deb, along with posting great stories and recipes, always inserts a photo of her adorable son into each post...he's too cute!

I'll let you know how the food turns out :-)

Hope you're all enjoying your Saturday!

<3 Kim

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