Tuesday, 22 February 2011

It's only Tuesday?

This week has been a bit manic, and it's still only Tuesday!

I actually just had to stop and send an e-mail right as I finished that first sentence. I'm tired. haha

It's been a busy work week, and tomorrow I'm off to London on the 8 am train for a meeting in the afternoon. I'll spend the night, getting a chance to catch up with my good friend Adam, then come back to Edinburgh on the 8 am train on Thursday. Then straight to work. Then I think I'm reviewing Shakespeare's Richard III on Thursday night.

Now I'm even more tired. Is it Friday night yet?

Esta noche, mi clase española está en 7 p.m. El sigh. :-)

Ever wonder why life is either brainlessly boring or ridiculously busy, why there is no in between? The universe is laughing at me right now...

<3 Kim

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