Saturday, 29 January 2011

I know, I know, It's been like 9 months since my last post...I've been uninspired, tired, and then I literally forgot the name of my blog, the e-mail I use for it, and it took me two days to figure it out!

BUT I'm here, and now my Mom can stop saying "you haven't written in SO LONG" (Love you Mom!) because I plan to....wait for it...Blog EVERY DAY for ONE WHOLE MONTH!!!!! Yes, I am going to do a NaBloPoMo! Dumbest acronym ever, but it stands for "National Blog Posting Month" which is actually November, but some people do it all year round, with different themes for each month. And I figure, what better way to get everyone caught up with what I've been up to for the past 9 months, and what better way to kick-start my creative spark? I know, I'm such a smart kid! (er...) But

But still, It's been an insane 9 months...I lost my last close friend in Scotland to the wild streets of New York; I went to Poland; I worked and realised that surgeons aren't as fun as they appear to be on Grey's Anatomy; I got to see two friends from Seattle in Edinburgh; I moved; I took many business trips to London; I went to Kenya; I met some new friends; I hosted my brother who came to visit; I found a new fave author; I threw an Thanksgiving for one American (me) and 9 non-Americans; I realised just how much the UK shuts down for, and how much I hate snow/ice; I spent two weeks in "the worst rain in a decade" in Cali; and I rang in the New Year with two of my favourite people in new York City!

I'll take these Items one at a time, and post some of the thousands of pictures I have (esp. from Kenya), so please be patient, and please accept my apology for being MIA for so long! It wasn't you, it was me! :-)

Until February first then,