Sunday, 4 September 2011

The Summer That Was...

Photobucket Sunshine over Edinburgh

Summer is coming to a close up here in Edinburgh-and the summer of '11 has been full of adventures, goodbyes, and schizophrenic weather. As is the annual fashion, there was some gorgeous weather in May and June that lulled the residents of Edinburgh into a false sense of security that THIS summer might be better than last year's...So we took advantage of the weather with a picnic in the Meadows.

Sylvia was very proud of her Tabasco
PhotobucketToo cool for school
Photobucket Smiles

We basked. We gossiped. We ate. I even got a bit of colour on the half of my body that was facing the sun. It is these memories that keep one going when the rain comes pouring down for a week following three days of sun.

July brought the graduation and inevitable leaving party of my friend Tanya. So we toasted her leaving Edinburgh for the next stage of her life at a gorgeous cocktail bar called Dragonfly.

Photobucket Cocktails!
So a Mexican, American, and Kenyan walk into a bar...

August brought the Edinburgh Festival. I did theatre reviews this year for the Edinburgh International Festival. Including this amazing opera, Thaïs. All music and singing-no acting. Definitely a different opera experience. You can see my reviews at

Á l'opera

August also brought the worst possible weather one can imagine for summer. Climate change is really not doing Scotland any favours. Except maybe ensuring that there will never be a drought on this waterlogged island. anywho...

I have almost lived here for three years, but I still find new things around Edinburgh that make me smile...

Photobucket Random alleys always make me smile...

It is these random finds, the small intricate details in the architecture, the new angles and small closes off the main streets that allow Edinburgh to maintain an air of mystery and magic centuries after being built.

Sunset around 11 pm

So now summer ends, the sun sets a bit earlier, and even though I know the fall will bring hurricane-like winds and rainstorms that strike like ninjas,  I also know that there will be a few more new discoveries, and maybe an indoor picnic or two! And so life goes on...

<3 Kim