Thursday, 24 February 2011


Some decent Mexican food in the UK!

London made my night last night! Well, Adam did, because as we walked by this place he was like "that's supposed to be the best Mexican food in London" so of COURSE we had to go! And it was good!

Called Tortilla, I would equate it to a Baja Fresh or Chipotle. Yes, I know, it isn't Mexico-Mexican, but it's CALIFORNIA-Mexican which is just as good in my opinion!

I got a Carnitas burrito bowl, and Adam got a Pollo burrito. To wash them down we got cold Pacifico beers. It was just like being at home! I never see Mexican beer here either, so it was a double happy surprise! There were pictures on the walls of Mexican restaurants and Taquerias throughout California, which was kind of funny, but also fitting. At least they were admitting to be what they were: A California Fusion Mexican joint! I loved it!
So even though my train was cancelled, then delayed, and it is London Fashion week so there were SO MANY people everywhere, I got my own little piece of tastiness that reminded me of home! Good times!

<3 Kim

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