Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Where you would like to be in 10 Years

Based on things I have already written in the past month, I doubt any of the following will come as a big shock, but here we go:

In 10 years, when I’m about to turn 40 (*gasp* 40! Weird!) I would like to be settled into a career, hopefully one with the World Health Organisation, Pan American Health Organisation, or something akin. I hope to be living in a random country, in a nice home, with space for a wee garden and a massive, high-tech kitchen for cooking all sorts of delicious food. It would be nice to be married, he’ll need to be as ‘international’ as I am, and to have a couple of cats running around the house. Haha!

I hope that I’ll have a job that allows me time for projects like growing some herbs and vegetables, making some homemade items (my Pinterest boards will finally be in use!), reading all the books I never seem to get around to, practicing yoga, and of course for working on a book. By then, I hope to already be published, and working on another book or maybe moving on to learn something else new and interesting.

It would be nice to live close to the beach, in a temperate climate, but I might have to settle for a beach house somewhere. Plus, I would love to still have ties to Europe, in Scotland preferably. Mr. International better have a good job! ;-) I still plan to travel, and hopefully I’ll have friends and family all over the world that necessitate travel to new and interesting places!

It’s going to take a lot of work to get there, and I just hope I can make smart decisions and find some good opportunities to help me on my way!

Sorry the last few days have been so short but work is intense right now.

Until tomorrow, for day 30!

Kim x

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