Tuesday, 18 March 2014

What is your biggest dream in life?

To dance an Irish reel in front of an Irish bar in Mexico City on St. Patrick’s Day. Oh wait, I’ve already done that! There was a Scottish bagpipe band playing in front of the bar my friends and I went to last night as we were leaving. Obviously, I couldn’t help but pull out my Irish dance moves that I learned in High School for the crowd. Yes, crowd. Including what I think was a cameraman for the local news. I don’t have any photographic evidence, but someone somewhere does, or the local news does, and as soon as I find it I’ll promptly destroy it. Unless I look amazing. Which I doubt, as I was wearing heels and standing on the steps leading down to the street. Haha! The random things we do in life…I’m sure my High School dance teacher would be proud! 

But seriously, my biggest dream in life right now is to publish a novel. I really, really want to be able to apply myself to developing and writing a full-length story, based on original characters and situations from my own imagination.  I would love to be able to devote a huge part of my time to this, but right now it just isn’t possible. I know the secret to good writing is to just WRITE, even a little bit, every day. But as I get closer to beginning my thesis, writing for pleasure or to create a new story seems to be slipping farther into the future. So while I REALLY want to just say ‘screw the thesis’, write a novel, and become a published author, I know that the time isn’t now. So I’ll have to let it sit on the back burner and just jot down ideas and possible useful scenarios. Who knows, maybe the idea that will become the first step in writing my book will come out of my notes and experiences on fieldwork?

So in order to reach my dream, my biggest goal in life right now is to just. Finish. My. Degree. And move on with my life. Gotta stay focused and full steam ahead. Wish me luck!

Kim x

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