Sunday, 16 March 2014

A Band or Musical Artist Who Impacted Your Life

Ok how can anyone pick just one musician or band that has impacted their life? I know I have friends who would say right of the bat ‘The Beatles’, but I can’t choose so easily. Do I have a favourite band? No. Or a favourite Singer? No. What I love most about music is the variation, the ability to always engender different emotions or feelings based on variations in style, tune, lyrics, and point in history. There is literally a song for every mood you might be feeling, a song to help pick you up when you’re sad or tired, or to help you work through a hard time, or to empathise with you when you feel like no one understands what you’re going through. That is the magic of music, and there is no one entity that impacted my life: there are many.

I have longer-lived favourites though, that I come back to when I need a familiar friend through music, or when I am feeling sad, or feeling happy and want to dance. Here are a few examples:

Death Cab for Cutie: Led by Ben Gibbard, who is a musical and lyrical genius in my opinion, I never cease to be amazed at the way Ben uses wordplay in his songs. Many songs are quite ‘emo’ (this is a Seattle band, after all! Haha! Kidding!) But some are also upbeat. All are a bit quirky. And I think Death Cab is the closest thing I have to a favourite band. Check out: Death Cab-Crooked Teeth

Beyonce: Who doesn’t love Queen Bey? Her songs are fun, empowering, emotional, dance-able, sweet, and above all personal. You really feel like she believes what she’s saying, because it is true to her and who she is. When I need a pick-up, I blast the Beyonce playlist! I'll always love this one: Beyonce-Single Ladies Not sure what I love more-the dance moves or the song! 

The Foo Fighters: also an amazing band. Long-lived for good reason. Great true rock, energising, fun, and also really, really smart. Dave Grohl is fantastic! And I really feel like the Foo can be appreciated by both the younger generation (younger than me) and by people my parent’s age who just like good, old-fashioned Rock n’ Roll. Oh, I freaked out when I heard this song live: The Foo Fighters-Everlong

Kate Rusby: An English folk-singer. Her songs are amazingly emotive, comfortable, and cute. She has a perfect voice for Irish, Scottish and English folk music and a charm that transcends the British Isles. She is not overly well-known, but I love to listen to her on a day where I need to relax, or when I fly. She is gooood plane music! This is one of my faves: Kate Rusby-Underneath the Stars

Ok I could go on and on. I, too love the Beatles and Mozart and so many other amazing artists from the past and present. But these are a few that come to my mind immediately because I do have history with them, and I come back to their music again and again over the years. Sometime this week, go back to an old favourite song or album and listen to it. Remember all the amazing memories and feelings that you have with it. That is the power of music, and it is really a magical thing.

Kim x

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