Friday, 7 March 2014

Top 5 Pet Peeves

Ok this is a funny prompt. Pet peeves: we all have them, some of us are more vocal about them than others. I’m quite vocal, in general, but here you go:

Talking animals in the media
People who don’t flush the toilet, or don’t flush well enough
People who Walk slowly in the middle of the sidewalk, unaware of their surroundings
 People talking during movies
 Putting the fork on the right side of the plate

Talking Animals. I really, really dislike movies, shows, commercials, etc in which real animals are taped and then dubbed with human voices talking for them. I never realized this bothered me until I saw this commercial asking for money to help save the donkeys in the UK:

It really bothered me, both because I felt bad for the donkey and because the voice over was really annoying. Then I realised that I just really dislike this form of ‘entertainment’ in general. An animated animal that can talk? Yes! I’m all about the Lion King and stuff like that, but when some idiot feeds an animal to make it chew, then another ‘actor’ talks for said animal? No thanks. Let’s get our kicks somewhere else please and leave the animals in peace.

People who Don’t Flush. This is something I have come to realise really annoys me from living in Mexico. The flusher works, so why not use it? And why not look to make sure that it HAS flushed? Nine times out of ten it is not the toilet that is malfunctioning, it is the user. What’s up with this Mexico?

People Who Walk Slowly. Oh. Em. Gee. The amount of times I have wanted to push a person into the street for dawdling/sauntering/ strolling RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF A MAJOR PEDESTRIAN AREA. I can’t even count. In Edinburgh, it’s usually tourists, gawking at the buildings and quaintness as they walk along, forgetting that they are walking ON THE WRONG SIDE in the UK and then stopping abruptly to take a photo, causing the flow of traffic to stop or seriously bottleneck. In Mexico, some people just like to walk slowly, in groups of three, taking up the entire bloody sidewalk. Especially when I am out jogging and they aren’t paying attention to the fact that this is a running path, not a mall to stroll through. RAWR! I WILL knock you down one day people!

People Talking During Movies. I have friends who do this, and I hate it just as much when someone is talking to ME as when strangers are talking to each other and I can hear them. This is rude, flat out, and I WILL be that annoying person that tells you to shut up, then goes to get the management if you don’t. Want to chat during a movie? Stay home and watch Netflix. If you are my friend talking to me during the movie, remember that when I tell you to shut up, I am saying it with love.

Putting the Fork on the Wrong Side of the Plate. This grates me, and I don’t know why. The lack of social upbringing? The assumption that everyone is right handed and therefore the forks should go on the right side? The realisation that these people might also serve me wine in a mug and make me eat Top Ramen for dinner out of a paper bowl at a dinner party? Maybe. This is probably more me being snobby than anything, but I think everyone from a western nation that uses forks, knives, and spoons should know how to correctly set a table. It’s basic, it’s easy, it makes you look like a well-bred person. Say it with me folks: FORK-LEFT. KNIFE, SPOON-RIGHT. Thank you. (I tried to find a photo example of this on the Google and I couldn't find anything because it is just. that. wrong.) 

So there you go. My annoying pet peeves, Hey! Happy Friday! 

Kim x

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