Thursday, 13 March 2014

Cookies hey!

Wow! I literally almost forgot to write today! I was out all day working then met a friend for drinks and it completely slipped my mind that I hadn't blogged yet! Instead, I was lounging in bed eating cereal out of the box and watching Scandal on my computer. Living la vida loca here, folks. I'm sure you're green with envy!

So I've not really got anything prepared, nor do I feel like being away from my multigrain cheerios for too long sooo....

have you ever wondered why some Girl Scout Cookies have different names in different places? Apparently there are two major bakeries that handle the production of all Girl Scout Cookies. they have their own recipes (so the cookies aren't even the exact same cookie) and different looks. How random is that? Why not have uniform production in different factories? Why can't Samoas be called Samoas everywhere, why change it to Caramel Delites? And why can't they spell 'delight' correctly?

These are the things I contemplate after a long day of work. Here's the wiki link for more information: Just in case you like random useless knowledege like me! 

Kim x

p.s. Shout out to my Auntie Marilyn who gave me my own box of Samoas for my birthday when I was like 7. She asked what I wanted and that was my request! 

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