Wednesday, 26 February 2014

What does your name mean? Why were you named what you were named?

Kimberly Renée Sigmund. But I usually go by Kim. It’s mostly family members who call me ‘Kimberly’, and many Mexicans, who think the name ‘Kim’ sounds like ‘Qué?’ (the word ‘what?’). I quite like my name, although I did go through a phase when I was younger of changing the spelling of ‘Kimberly’. No idea why. To be more unique? To find a spelling that suited my personality? I don’t know. It’s not like there were loads of people named Kimberly running around my school. But I have many a school paper from that period (9th grade I think) and my name is spelled ‘Kimberli, Kimberlee, Kimberleigh, or Kimberlea.’ Sigh. The things we do when we’re young and silly. Eventually I got over that and stuck with Kim or Kimberly. 

By definition my name breaks down to mean the following:

Kimberly: English, meaning either ‘Ruler’ or ‘From the Meadow of the Royal Fortress’
Renée: French, meaning ‘Reborn’
Sigmund: German, meaning ‘Victorious Protector’

So I’m a ruler who is reborn and also a victorious protector. I can deal with that.

I asked my parents why they chose my name, and I got two responses, one from each parent. They are numbered based on the order I received them. Try to guess which response belongs to which parent:

Parent #1
I'm pretty sure we just loved the way it sounded. We studied 'Name" books for a long time before deciding. So no real family connection or name-sake. We just thought it was pretty, and voila, so were you!

Parent #2
Yes, we did go thru baby books galore!  every name I liked your --- was not crazy about and every name --- liked, I too was not crazy about. (or absolutely thought was horrible, Belinda? :( I think we were getting desperate by this time to make a decision). We did not know if you'd be a boy or girl.  I knew I did not want to name you after any family member because to me, everyone is their own person, own individual and I wanted a name that would be yours alone.  I asked your --- to write down all the boys and girls names --- liked and I did the same.  On these lists, the only two names for both sexes that we each had written down were Kimberly and Derek.  (So this story is for your bro too.)   As for Renee, we thought it went well with Kimberly.

So that’s it. That’s how I came to be myself, name-wise. Names are magical things, I think. They definitely bestow a certain amount of personality upon a person. Or maybe it’s vice-versa. Have you ever looked up the numerology of your name? It’s pretty fun, and can be very accurate. Go to this website here if you want to try it: I found this reading partially inaccurate, but mostly correct. Just like any true ‘science’. Haha!

Kim x


Stephen Barnes said...

I definitely think Parent #2 is your mom! 1) Because she wrote more :-) and 2) Because she always says "bro" when talking about Derek or my dad. Also, did you realize that Carolyn's middle name is also Renee??

Kimberly said...

Yes you're right! And I did know about Carolyn, according to our Moms, Renee sounds good with 3 syllable first names. :-)