Thursday, 20 February 2014

Something I’m looking forward to this year

Well, I’m actually looking forward to a few things this year. I’m looking forward to going back to Edinburgh, and re-establishing my life there. I’m looking forward to visiting a few new places around Europe this year, and for a few people to come visit Edinburgh for the first time (you know who you are, let’s get to planning!), and I’m looking forward to the challenge of staying healthy and happy during the writing of my thesis. So I suppose overall, I’m looking forward to having new experiences and re-discovering my favourite things about Scotland.

You all know about my serious love for Scotland, as I’ve harped on about it over the years since I moved there (If you're newer to reading, see the backlog here: Although I am really enjoying Mexico and my time here, I can’t help but occasionally stop and think about the people, places, and things I miss most: the smaller, more intimate size of the city, the cleaner air, the less-than-80-degree weather in January/February (80 degrees in winter is just weird, I don’t care where you come from), my friends, the safety to walk around alone at night, the abundance of Indian food and cheap imported foods from the rest of Europe…I really am looking forward to getting back!

I’m REALLY looking forward to some more travelling this year. 2012 and 2013 didn’t allow for a lot of travel, at least not to anywhere new (Hamburg, maybe, but it was still Germany and not anywhere near as interesting as Berlin so it gets a thumbs down in the ‘new places’ department). I’m hoping to visit Prague and/or Italy, and maybe Greece if I need a super sunshine fix as the light recedes in early winter…Likewise, there are so many places in the UK I’ve never been. Most of England is just a blur from outside the train window, and great bits of Scotland are just shadowy ideas in my imagination. I’m going to try to take visitors to some places that I love, to some new places as well, and try to schedule a few weekend trips to get myself better acquainted with the island in general.
Prague, Czech Republic: yes please! 

Healthy and happy? Well, we’ll see. I find it amazingly easy to be healthy in Mexico. The sun shines, the produce is amazingly fresh, tasty and cheap, I can go out for long walks or runs any day of the week, or go to the gym. And because I’ve been specifically focusing on getting healthy, I’m motivated. When I return to Edinburgh and actually have to start eating bland, flown-in from a billion-miles-away fruit and veg, focusing on the theoretical workings of a thesis, and dealing with sporadic rain and its effect on my workout schedule? No idea. But I did it before so I’m sure I’ll manage to do it again. Close proximity to a gym will be key. Happy I’ll have to manage on my own, which will definitely be a challenge during the thesis-writing stage. But hopefully some of the aforementioned travel plans and friends waiting in Edinburgh will help give me something to focus on and keep my spirits up.

So yeah, I’m looking forward to the rest of 2014. I really want this to be a good year, so I’m trying to make it so! (haha I just quoted Star Trek without thinking about it…Dad, are you proud?) 2013 was really difficult, and I’m ready to move forward and keep looking towards the future instead. The future in which I am DONE with school forever and my thesis is just a faint memory! 
The Isle of Skye, Scotland

Until tomorrow,

Kim x

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