Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Somewhere I would like to Move or Visit

This is a haaaard question. Let me just cut half of this off right now by saying that there are far too many places I want to visit to even attempt to discuss it here.

Now, that leaves places I want to live. I would love to live in at least 3 more countries in my life. And with my current language capabilities, that pretty much leaves Central and South America, or any Commonwealth country/ American territory. I have no interest in Guam, so we’ll cut him off right now. Ok, so Central and South America offers quite a lot. In terms of the work I would like to do in medical anthropology, I could pretty much live in any of these countries and find work. But as for interest, I have to say that Costa Rica has always sounded appealing, as does Argentina. The natural beauty of Costa Rica, the laid-back lifestyle, I think I could get on board with that. And Argentina, the Paris of South America, with its complex history and European influences would be a great mix of the Old and New worlds.
Buenos Aires, Argentina
In terms of English speaking countries, besides an interest in living in London for a wee while, I’m not bothered. But I also have a massive interest in Asia. Maybe some time living in Japan or Hong Kong could happen? That would be so interesting, and such a massive culture shock, I definitely would be willing to try Asia out for a year. Plus, English is quite common, and I could attempt (haha) to learn the national language. In Japan, I would love to try to understand the behemoth that is Tokyo, and think of all the sushi I could eat! Hong Kong, as a former British colony, could also offer me a bit of that European influence mixed into this unique Chinese Island. And even though there is so much globalization now, I love how the Asian cultures are still quite unique for us Westerners, and it would be interesting to immerse myself in one for an extended period of time.
Tokyo, Japan
Now, if I was to ever return to the USA, where would I like to live? Hands down, San Francisco. I also find San Fran to have a great cultural mix, a good vibe, and it’s a lovely city. Plus, it is still California, which really is my one true American home. Of course, every time I visit Hawai’i I also feel like I could live there…just for a little bit…take in the Island rhythm for a season maybe.
Lovely Hawai'i
So, as usual, I have no easy answer to offer for this question. I want to see and do so much, and really understand so many more places and their peoples, that it’s impossible to choose just one. If I’m lucky, I’ll get the chance to live in each of the aforementioned places for a while. All I can do is hope, and get some good networking going! J

Kim x

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