Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Feeling Peoplesick, Sappy and Sad

Well, here it is...the first of October, 2008. It is presently 9:18 am and a brisk 45 degrees in Edinburgh...

I was just perusing the Facebook in memory of Devin Mellinger...and man, I almost lost it. Add to this the fact that I am listening to sappy love music a la "Almost Lovers" by A Fine Frenzy and "Feels Like Home" by Chantal Kreviazuk.

Both combined made me feel melancholy for the first time since I have moved here...I miss knowing that Devin would randomly be at RIck and Jamie's house for the odd occasions that I happened to be there too... Christmas Eve, Birthdays, Going-Away parties, etc. I watched that man grow up from an energetic kid, running around with my brother, to a skinny teenager, to a great young man who I was always happy to see and who really did feel like a member of my extended family.

Remembering now, the past, and the horrible time surrounding his death makes me want to cry, and it makes me want to find and hug his whole family...I saw Clint before I left, but I never got to see Rick and Jamie...I wish I had.

And I wish that I could see a few key friends in California. I'm not exactly homesick, but I'm peoplesick, I guess...

No matter how great technology gets, you just can't get the warmth of a good friend's hug over the internet.

Ugh. now I AM crying. Come visit me.


RIP Devin

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Darleen said...

Ohhh... I feel your pain. And the cold, gloomy weather isn't helping much either. But the feeling will pass, and we both knew we were gonna' have days like this when we decided to plunge into the great unknown. Keep your head up and I will see you sooner than later!! <3