Sunday, 13 March 2011

In Like a Lion...

If by "lion" you mean freezing hurricane-like winds, snow, and hail then yes, March has definitely roared right across Scotland for the past 13 days like a big freakin' African lion!

This is what the weather has felt like lately

It started off ok, with a few days of sun and temperatures ABOVE 40ยบ (practically summer, in my book!), but the arrival of my friend Sylvia straight from the scorching summer heat and sun of South Africa brought the Edinburgh winter back for a few more weeks. You know, just in case Sylvia needed some instant winter gratification. I was much nicer to Sylv, welcoming her back with wine and a blood orange olive oil cake instead of Baltic breezes. 

The cake was amazing, I highly recommend trying olive oil cakes. They are like a pound cake, but with oil instead of butter. They are amazingly moist but light, and the mix of fruity olive oil and blood orange makes this an amazing treat. Especially topped with a zingy glaze and some fresh fruit. Oh the yum! 

Back to March...

I always connote March with spring, mild temperatures, flowers starting to break through the ground, lighter clothes and lighter days. Alas, that is the March of California. Here, March brings hope after the long, cold, dark Northern winters. It also brings this: 
Makes you scared to go outside, eh? 

So even though the weather outside is frightful, having friends and parties is so delightful! As the Anthro girls slowly trickle back into the country, and the sun slowly starts rising earlier in the morning and setting later in the day, life is getting a little bit better. It is easier to raise your head to see what is ahead of you when you aren't burdened by eternal night. This is especially important as I will be celebrating my official entry into my late 20's next week, and birthdays are a time for focusing on the future. 

Persian Dinner Party with Kate, Siobhan, and Sylvia

I always find it easier to take on lifestyle changes when it's brighter outside. So fingers crossed for some healthier living this spring! If March has come roaring in like a snowy white lion, I hope I can channel that energy to help me focus on myself, my Spanish, and my goals for the future! That is the kind of lion I want to have surrounding me for the next 18 days, until April can take over with it's own special nuances and age old adages...

Happy Weekend!

<3 Kim

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